Our youngest artists learn the basics to make a masterpiece


In this package, children are taught to make a necklace using a strong tigertail wire secured with a gorgeous heart clasp. Little artists learn to design their own necklace with our easy-to-use bead trays. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors explain all elements of necklace-making to ensure that each girl makes a piece of jewellery she loves and will enjoy wearing. Once the beading is complete, we play a few games and have a fashion show. An optional photo shoot is the perfect way to capture the kids’ excitement.  all packages include:

  • Elegant invitations

  • Instructor assistance for 75-90 minutes
  • Beading material such as faceted, shell, acrylic, glass and pearl beads for amazing creations
  • Jewellery storage organza bags to take home
  • Face painting - additional cost 

Princess pearl package

in this package children are taught to design a pearl necklace using glass pearl beads. using our professional beading trays, participants lay out their design while the instructor teaches them how to use the elements of design to ensure that each girl makes a custome necklace that she will enjoy wearing. They can also make a matching paearrings. 

Cost: $23.00 per child with a minimum of eight children.

Rainbow unicorn package 

in this package children are taught to make a necklace using a unicorn charm and glass rainbow beads. using a very strong wire called tigertail and a gorgeous heart clasp , each participant is taught to design their own necklace. They can also make a matching pair of earrings. 


Price: $25 per participant with a minimum of eight children